The Medit Development Project




Project Information

Medit is a groupware tool written completely in PHP intended to assist application development by providing a browser-based CVS alternative, a simple BBS, and a method to manage users, copies, and files.


  • Import and export zip, tar and gzip archives.
  • Import individual files with a form.
  • A simple bulletin board system.
  • An easy to use interface to manage users, files, and development branches.
  • Set clearance levels that will restrict users from performing certain actions.


  • Add the ability to compare two files (similar to WinCVS's diff function).
  • Save all changes in a manner like CVS.
  • Add the ability to merge two files.
  • Two, three, four-way split screen to compare several files at once.
  • A chat tool
  • Managing groups (oh boy...)
  • Standard Groupware tools (Threaded Forum, Calendar, Address Book, etc...)

Medit is on Hold

Medit is finally stable. You can find a list of features that I would like to see added to medit above, however, as much as I would like to see these features added they will not be added in the near future. After I release the stable version I will place the Medit development on hold, but it doesn't mean that I am canceling or abandoning the project, it may be resumed when I need a system like medit, or until I come across a non-open source team project that does not have access to CVS or other version control systems.

If you would like to add features to medit you can:

  • Help the development (ironically Medit is developed using CVS) by contributing your own time and code. This is the preferred method.
  • Donate and fill out the comment note with a feature request.
  • I may also add the feature you want without a donation if you really need it. Just email me.